Great Lederhosen

Great Lederhosen

Risks Reward and Hardship

Nothing in life is free.

If you don't risk anything you won't be rewarded. Having a safe steady job is an illusion. It can all go away. If you keep a job with no exponential growth for 30 years and work eight hours a day avoiding risk. I would say you gave your life away to the job. That is a risk with very little reward.

So you buy an extra property with your nest egg. You may have to work double time for awhile to cover payments. You may lose everything in a market crash. But either way the safe player will get eating alive by inflation. No matter the path you chose there will be hardship. Hardship is a part of life no matter where you start on the spectrum of affluence. It is better to risk for a chance at reward than to risk for no reward. Life has no guarantees. Leave those thoughts behind and jump right in.

Yours truly,

ā€” The Great Lederhosen